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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about the LL.M. Program

From which countries does the LL.M. Program at Wake Forest University School of Law have alumni?
Our LL.M. alumni are located in over 40 different countries. To view a map of these locations and to see what our graduates are up to, visit our Alumni pages
How many students enroll in the LL.M. Program each year?
The LL.M. class consists of approximately 25 to 30 students each year. The program, like our law school, is small and selective by design.  We emphasize close personal attention, one-on-one interaction with the professors, daily opportunity to interact with American J.D. students, and geographic diversity within the class.
Can I enroll in the LL.M. Program on a part-time basis or in the spring semester?
The LL.M. is a one year, full time program starting in the fall semester only. We do not admit candidates in the spring semester or on a part-time basis.
Can I enroll in the LL.M. program for an additional semester or year?
Yes.  Although the general residency requirement for an LL.M. degree is one academic year, students are permitted to enroll for an additional semester or year. If you are interested in extending your LL.M. program, please let us know in your application materials. 
Does WFU offer conditional admission?
Yes. If your TOEFL or IELTS score is below our minimum required score, you may be considered for conditional admission. If admitted, your acceptance offer may be contingent upon satisfactory completion of a summer ESL class, a yearlong ESL program prior to starting your LL.M. studies, and/or submission of a satisfactory TOEFL score. 
What ESL courses do you recommend?  Does Wake Forest have an ESL course?
Wake Forest University does not offer a year long ESL program but does offer a summer ESL class. In the past we have referred students to an intensive English language program sponsored through the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Please note that the Interlink campus is approximately 30 minutes from the Law school campus in Winston Salem.
What forms of financial aid is available for LL.M. students?
Wake Forest Law offers a limited number of merit based scholarships for international applicants. All applicants are considered for these awards on the basis of their academic credentials, professional experience and English abilities and no additional application forms are required. Typically, these awards only cover a portion of the tuition costs so an additional source of funding is required.
Are LL.M. students required to have health insurance coverage while at Wake Forest University?
All Wake Forest University students are required to have health insurance coverage. You must either provide proof that you have adequate coverage from another health insurance provider OR enroll in WFU’s Student Blue Health Insurance.

Applying to the LL.M. Program

When can I apply for admission to the LL.M. Program and what is the deadline?
Applications for the next school year become available on September 1 and the deadline is June 1. As the law school employs a “rolling admissions” process, we would encourage you to submit your application materials as soon as possible. 
How do I submit an application for admission to the LL.M. Program?
Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply through the online Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Document Assembly Service. Please note that the Wake Forest Law $75 application fee is waived if using this service. Applicants who do not wish to use LSAC service may download the LLM Application from our website and mail along with supporting documents to the following address: Wake Forest University School of Law, LL.M. Admissions, P. O. Box 7206, 1834 Wake Forest Road , Winston-Salem, NC 27109, USA, 2-336-758-3241. Applicants can also email their applications to llm@wfu.edu.
How should I submit my supporting documentation?
Applicants who are registered with Law School Admission Council (LSAC) may submit their application and supporting documentation via the LSAC document Service. Alternatively, supporting documentation should be delivered to the Wake Forest LL.M. program via mail. All candidates using Federal Express, DHL, or any other international express carriers should use 336-758-3241 as the contact phone number. Applicants can also email their supporting documentation to llm@wfu.edu.
Can I pay the $75 Application Fee via credit card?
Wake Forest University does not accept application fees by credit card, we will accept a check or money order payable in U.S. currency or a wire transfer.
Do you grant application fee waivers?
Generally, no. The LL.M. application fee of $75 must be received with your LL.M. application.

Supplementary Documents

When should I take the TOEFL test?
You should plan to register and take the TOEFL test as soon as possible as it can take up to two or three months for the official scores to reach us. We are able to accept an email copy of the TOEFL, pending later receipt of the official results. If you choose to retake the TOEFL at a later date, please send us a copy of the score so that we may add it to your file.
Does Wake Forest Law accept the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and what is the minimum score?
Wake Forest Law does accept an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score. The minimum IELTS score required is a 7.0.
Does WFU require the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)?
We do not require LL.M. students to submit an LSAT score.
Should I submit a writing sample or other supplementary materials?
A writing sample is not required.
Why must I (or my sponsor) send information documenting my financial resources?
You must provide proof of sufficient financial support for your study at the law school. We require this information to ensure you will be able to complete your studies without financial hardship and to comply with U.S. government requirements when we issue a Certificate of Eligibility for an I-20 student visa. For more information on what documents to provide please visit the financial documentation page.

Admissions Decisions

When will admissions decisions be made?
The School of Law employs a “rolling admissions” process, which means we review each application once fully completed.  It generally takes between three to five weeks after your application file is complete for the Admissions Committee to make its decision.
Does the LL.M. Program require interviews prior to granting admission?
The Admissions Committee primarily bases its decision upon your application and supporting documentation.  In certain cases, interviews are granted to determine a candidate’s English proficiency and interest in our program.
If I am granted admission into the LL.M. program, what materials must I submit to hold my place in the class?
If you choose to accept our offer of admission, you will be required to submit the following commitment documents:

  • One (1) deposit of $500 USD payable via check, money order, or Flywire along with your Commitment Letter.
  • A signed and dated copy of the Commitment Letter.
  • The “Certification of Finances” form, which is needed to prepare your visa documents.
  • Upon admission, you will be notified of the deadline to submit all commitment documents in order to hold your seat in the class.
If I am granted admission into the program but am unable to attend this year, can I defer my studies until the following year?
Yes, if you are offered admission into the LL.M. program and can offer a compelling reason as to why you are unable to attend, you may defer your studies until the next academic year.
If I am not granted admission into the program, can I re-apply next year?
If you are denied admission to the LL.M. program, you may re-apply the following year by submitting a new application and updated supporting documentation.

I-20 / Housing

If I am accepted, when will I be issued an I-20 student visa?
Under U.S. immigration regulations, Wake Forest can issue a Certificate of Eligibility for a student I-20 visa only after:

  • you have paid the required tuition deposits
  • you have provided evidence of sufficient funds to cover your full course of study and living expenses while enrolled in the LL.M. program.

After receiving the I-20, you must schedule an appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country in order to apply for an F-1 student visa. You should make an appointment well in advance of the date you intend to travel to the United States, as some embassies and consulates can take several weeks (or even months) to process visa requests.

Is on-campus housing available for graduate students?
Wake Forest University does not offer on-campus housing for graduate students, but there are many off campus housing options near the University. In addition to a number of apartment complexes, the Law school maintains a list of  both housing vacancies in privately-owned, off-campus houses and apartments near campus and roommate searches. The University also rents off-campus, furnished housing to international students.

Degree Requirements

How many courses must I complete for my LL.M. degree? Are there any required courses?
You must complete at least 24 credit hours to complete your LL.M. degree.  The selection of courses is largely up to you, but we do require that you complete the following courses:

  • Legal Research and Writing for International Lawyers (2 credit hours)
  • Introduction to American Law (2 credit hours)
  • Independent Research and Thesis/ Seminar Course* (2 credit hours)
  • At least one course (3 credit hours) from the first-year curriculum.
Do you offer a master’s degree in International Law, Environmental Law or Business/Commercial Law?
Our LL.M. program is designed to provide students with a high-level understanding of the U.S. legal system. LL.M. candidates choose the courses that best suit their interests from our wide array of course offerings. Students have the opportunity to enroll in a wide variety of courses or concentrate their studies in a particular are of law such as  International Law, Business & Commercial Law, Health Law, Litigation -Criminal & Civil. Upon enrollment in the program, students have the opportunity to consult with your faculty advisor to select these and other JD courses that meet your specific plans and interests. 
Can I take courses in other departments at WFU?
LL.M. students are eligible to select courses in the Undergraduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Babcock Graduate School of Management. However, credits earned in courses outside of the Law school except for one MBA course will not count towards your required twenty-four (24) hours of credit, but these courses can supplement your legal studies while at Wake Forest.
Do LL.M. students have to satisfy a writing requirement?
LL.M. students must complete a two-hour writing requirement and may select either the thesis or seminar paper writing option. We will assign you to a professor who will serve as a mentor/advisor for your selection, research and writing of your thesis.
How is my participation in the LL.M. program graded?
LL.M. students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to graduate and generally do not receive class ranking. Courses in the law school, as in most schools in the United States, are generally graded by an exam or written paper. There is no general comprehensive examination at the end of the program and the final examination or paper for each course is usually the only graded exercise for the semester. Exam types may vary as some professors give written essay-type exams, other give objective-question exams, and others a combination of the two.  In some courses, professors may require a written paper. 

Career Services

Do I have access to Career Services?
LL.M. students at Wake Forest Law are eligible to take advantage of the services offered by the Office of Career and Professional Development.  In conjunction with the Office of International Graduate Programs, LL.M. students have the opportunity to attend workshops on resume writing, cover letters, internships, etc.
Does WFU School of Law participate in the New York University International Student Interview Program?
Yes, Wake Forest Law is a member of the New York University International Student Interview Program (NYU ISIP). Held at NYU in January of each year, the NYU ISIP brings together international students studying in U.S. law schools with some of the largest international firms and companies that are looking for lawyers with U.S. legal training. The NYU ISIP also provides international students the opportunity to meet with American law firms and corporations that are seeking international interns.
Can I use an LL.M. degree from Wake Forest to sit for the bar exam?
Many LL.M. students choose to sit for a bar examination in the United States upon completion of their LL.M degree. Although  most states do not permit individuals to sit for their bar examination unless they hold a J.D. degree from a U.S. law school, California and New York are the most notable exceptions to this rule. Many students choose to sit for the bar exam in New York State because its admission rules are hospitable to attorneys trained outside the U.S and this goal can generally be achieved within the confines of the educational curriculum of the Wake Forest LL.M. program.
Foreign lawyers who intend to reside permanently and practice law in the United States or those who wish to take other state bar examinations should consider applying for the three-year JD degree program at Wake Forest Law.
If you are considering taking the NY Exam, you should carefully read the information on the official website of the Board of Law Examiners of the State of New York (BOLE), http://www.nybarexam.org/. For more information on the New York Bar, please visit our website at http://preview-llm.law.wfu.edu/career/new-york-bar-exam/

Other Programs

Can current LL.M. students transfer into the J.D. Program?
It is possible for a few LL.M. students to transfer to the J.D. program after earning their LL.M. degree. LL.M. students are usually required to submit an LSAT score and all of the other J.D. application materials, which you can find at http://law.wfu.edu/admissions/apply/. In a situation where a student has successfully completed the LL.M. and applies to the J.D. program, the student’s LL.M. grades and recommendations from Wake professors are given much greater weight than the LSAT score in the admission decision.
Do graduates of the LL.M. Program receive special consideration when applying to the S.J.D. Program?
Yes, in general Wake Forest LL.M. graduates are given preference over applicants from other LL.M. programs.