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At Wake Forest Law, the globalization of law has stimulated the law school’s growing commitment to international legal studies. Besides traditional courses in admiralty and maritime law, public international law, and conflicts of laws (private international law), our curriculum includes courses on international business transactions, comparative law, comparative constitutional law, European Union law, immigration law, international trade law, international human rights, and international environmental law.

LL.M. student’s can pursue coursework and directed research in an area of law that interests them. During the program, LL.M. students are eligible to take courses that are part of the school’s traditional American law curriculum, and our students are often in the same classes with first, second, and third year J.D. students.

Highly qualified foreign law graduates who seek exposure to the American legal system and profession are encouraged to apply to Wake Forest Law. Our program offers a very broad curriculum that will prove invaluable to lawyers who wish to enhance their legal careers by studying the laws of the U.S.

If  you have any questions regarding the program, please contact LLM. Admissions at       +1-336-758-6116 or via email at LLM@wfu.edu.