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Thesis or Seminar Writing Options

All LL.M. candidates must complete a two-hour writing requirement. To fulfill this requirement, students must select either the thesis or the seminar paper writing option.

Thesis:  To fulfill this requirement, students may either:

  • submit a thesis written independently under the guidance of a faculty adviser for which the LL.M. student receives two hours of course credit. Students who are completing the thesis independent of another course, are required to prepare a paper commensurate with what would be expected in a two-hour seminar course.
  • elect to write a thesis in conjunction with a seminar-paper course. LL.M. candidates who are completing the thesis in conjunction with another course, should produce a significant paper that will, in quantity and quality, satisfy both the paper requirement of the course and the two-hour thesis requirement.

All students electing to take the thesis option are required to take a 2 credit Scholarly Writing for International Lawyers class in the spring. Students are not required to conduct an oral defense of their thesis and can elect to have the thesis graded on a pass-fail basis.

Seminar Paper: LL.M. students who opt not to write a thesis must satisfactorily complete an an upper-level seminar course that requires the research and writing of a significant paper in conjunction with at least a two hour course. This paper will be undertaken under the supervision and grading of the professor teaching the course.