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Judicial Observation Program

Wake Forest Law is one of only a few law schools in the nation to participate in the Judicial Observation Program for International Law Students, Lawyers and Judges.  This project is sanctioned by the Federal U.S. Judicial Conference Committee on International Judicial Relations. Participating students are matched with a U.S. federal judge for 4 to 6 weeks during the summer or fall after graduating from the LLM program.

Students have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of both the civil and criminal litigation process in the United States. This experience allows students to observe and analyze actions of practitioners and judges, apply practical lawyering skills and legal principles, in addition to developing advanced legal research and writing skills.

Wake Forest LL.M. Program has also matched students in a judicial observation program with the Presiding Judge on the North Carolina Business Court, for a similar judicial observation experience of varying periods of time.