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Legal English Summer Program



Why Take the Legal English Summer Program?

Develop your knowledge of legal English and experience real improvement with the language skills you need to succeed. Improve your pronunciation of key legal terms and your ability to speak smoothly and adjust to the rapid speech of native speakers. Learn to read cases efficiently and construct concise written and oral briefs. Improve your writing, vocabulary, and understanding of the US legal system. With our summer program, you gain confidence while experiencing life in the US in a supportive and friendly community.

Areas of Focus

  • Overview of the US legal (common law) system and its relation to the US system of government.
  • Case reading –the Legal English program provides detailed, step-by-step guidance for reading cases (court decisions) in areas such as contracts, torts, and property.
  • Legal vocabulary –you get intensive practice using key words and high-frequency expressions common throughout your study of law.
  • Oral skills practice, especially of key legal terms.
  • Feedback and advice on your writing
  • Guidance for adjusting to US academic culture and classroom expectations
  • Cultural and historical issues relevant to legal studies

Additional Activities

With the Legal English Summer Program, you also get an opportunity to explore areas around Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem; past excursions have included tours of Old Salem, the International Civil Rights Museum, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, a Winston-Salem Dash baseball game, and a tour of the art galleries and music scene in downtown Winston-Salem.

Reviews from Legal English Participants:

“Before I joined this program, I always tried my best to improve my English, however I didn’t improve that much. I tried to study with a study group on Internet. I tried to follow the dialogue of TV shows to improve pronunciation. I tried to meet language partners and found one for one semester. I tried many, many methods to improve, however it didn’t work as well as this program. I am not exaggerating. I just want to express how important it is to have an adjusting period before you start your real academic school years in the U.S. Thanks Legal English program, Thanks Wake Forest!” – Shuai Shao, Legal English ’11, LLM ’12

“The Legal English Summer Program is a program worth taking. You can get a good taste of studying law in the US ahead of time with the help of a JD teaching assistant, and everyone has a chance to discuss topics in groups to practice oral English.” Ying Cao, Legal English ’13, LLM ’14

“The Legal English Summer Program trained me a lot about how to make a case brief, how to speak with professors, and how to discuss cases. I really enjoyed the discussions in class with our teachers and my classmates. And I like our other activities such as the baseball game and visiting museums, which helped me adapt and build a solid relationship with classmates.” Xiaoyu Hao, Legal English ’15


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