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Legal English Summer Program

With the Legal English Summer Program, you benefit from an introduction and orientation to the structure and language of American Law with a course that is designed to assist students in strengthening their Legal English skills. This course will take place in the weeks before the Fall semester begins. For students continuing on to the LL.M. program, it will give you the opportunity to meet and connect with your classmates before classes begin. For all participants, this program will ensure that you have the proper Legal English training to feel confident in your skills.

Why Take the Legal English Summer Program?

Develop your knowledge of legal English and experience real improvement with the language skills you need to succeed. Improve your pronunciation of key legal terms and your ability to speak smoothly and adjust to the rapid speech of native speakers. Learn to read cases efficiently and construct concise written and oral briefs. Improve your writing, vocabulary, and understanding of the US legal system. With our summer program, you gain confidence while experiencing life in the US in a supportive and friendly community.


Areas of Focus

  • Overview of the US legal (common law) system and its relation to the US system of government.
  • Case reading –the Legal English program provides detailed, step-by-step guidance for reading cases (court decisions) in areas such as contracts, torts, and property.
  • Legal vocabulary –you get intensive practice using key words and high-frequency expressions common throughout your study of law.
  • Oral skills practice, especially of key legal terms. You will receive individualized feedback to help with your pronunciation and general speaking skills.
  • Feedback and advice on your writing, identifying key grammatical or structural areas for improvement.
  • Guidance for adjusting to US academic culture and classroom expectations
  • Cultural and historical issues relevant to legal studies

Additional Activities

With the Legal English Summer Program, you also get an opportunity to explore areas around Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem; past excursions have included tours of Old Salem, the International Civil Rights Museum, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, a Winston-Salem Dash baseball game, and a tour of the art galleries and music scene in downtown Winston-Salem.


Reviews from Legal English Participants:

I was looking to study a legal English course to improve my skills because my law firm demands it. I found a three to four week summer program at Wake Forest University. It was just what I was looking for to overcome and practice legal English.  Wake Forest is one of the best universities in the US, not only for its incredible history and its beautiful campus, but for the high quality in its education.  At the law firm where I work in Mexico, most of the clients are foreigners (English speakers) and almost everything is in English. Thanks to this summer program, I was able to improve my English level to offer better service. I learned a lot from the English legal system by reading and analyzing cases, and even getting involved with the American culture day by day. Alejandro Martìn del Campo, 2018

 The Legal English Program is not only an opportunity for us to learn native English or legal English, but also an unforgettable experience of meeting a nice teacher who is so dedicated, who records all students’ pronunciation of legal terms and provides suggestions for each of us individually. Besides, you will not only be surprised by other classmates’ talents but also their kindness, that all students with a car are willing to give others a ride. Interesting dialogues, heated debates, impressive presentations, thoughtful cases, wonderful baseball game, unforgettable picnic — these are what is waiting for you. Xinhui Pan, 2017