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Wake Forest Law School student Naomi Adams.

Concentrations and Specialty Areas

Our LL.M. Program is designed to provide students with a high-level understanding of the U.S. legal system and LL.M. candidates may choose the courses that best suit their interests from our wide array of course offerings. Students have the opportunity to enroll in a wide variety of courses or to concentrate  their studies in a particular area of law.

LL.M. students may focus their studies in areas that best suit their academic interests and career goals. Popular topics of study include International Practice, Intellectual Property, Corporate and Business Transactional Law, and Real Estate and Property Law.

Due to the school’s wide variety of Legal Clinics and Pro Bono opportunities, students are encouraged to add an experiential learning element to their academic work.

Academic Specialization Programs
For those that would like a more formalized plan of study, there are currently three specialization programs that students can opt into. These student-centered programs are designed to expand student opportunities that strengthen their knowledge of specific law concepts as well as develop skills to assist professional development and readiness for practice.

Upon enrollment in the LL.M.  program, students will be assigned a faculty advisor and have the opportunity to consult with this person about selecting these and other J.D. courses that meet their specific goals and interests. LL.M. candidates may, with permission take courses from an approved list of graduate courses in the University, including the Wake Forest University School of Business